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Each intern at INSANE will have the opportunity to walk a learning journey, own a project, be mentored by INSANE's leaders, and connect with every department of the company.

The program can last up to two years, and interns will experience INSANE's and Profane's mission right from the start.


Develop every participant to become [part of] INSANE in the future;

Exchange of experiences, continuous learning, and a lot of teamwork;

Make INSANE a quality benchmark in internships programs in the gaming industry;

Make INSANE the top choice of educational institutions for student formation in the Gaming field;


Duration: 6 months to 2 years;

Job Rotation or by area;

New group opening every 6 months;

Registrations start in June and December;

Full learning journey: 2 years;

Every department will have a mentor responsible for monitoring and program feedback;

Each intern will be responsible for making a final project presentation at the end of the program;

Undergraduates having coursed at least one semester;

Intermediate English level;

Availability of 30 hours weekly for the program; 6 daily remote hours;

Studying one of the eligible degrees;

Every INSANE department is available for the program (according to open spots);

It's a wonderful bridge between college and a professional environment. It helped me give more value to networking and the people that are with me at the moment. Internet courses over a specific programming subject will always be available, but the people won't.

This internship considerably changed my perspective of my own art and my understanding of game creation in general.

It is incredibly gratifying seeing something you helped produce being implemented into the game. The most remarkable thing about the program is having access to feedback and training, thus seeing my creations evolve!

At INSANE, my internship is much more flexible and appropriate to my kind of work and my schedule and obligations. I feel much freer to interact with my colleagues from other departments, share my input on projects, and have my questions answered. Respect goes both ways, and this is the most important thing

in a company for me.

It's the missing piece for many of those looking to become game developers, especially in Brazil. Whether you aspire to join or have already taken your first steps [in the gaming industry], even if it's a short six-month internship, it is the chance of

witnessing a game being made.

[...] the freedom that INSANE gives us, of being able to interact with other areas beyond your own, is something that seems unique to me in an internship. The mentor adjusts to

their apprentice, always asking how you prefer

to study and execute your activities.

The difference between INSANE's program and the rest of what's available in the market is that, since the beginning, they've shown themselves to be very interested in our learning process

and are willing to teach us how game development works

beyond each intern's department.

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